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Service Always Available
We Answer Our Phones 24/7

Equipment and Services

  • Our Equipment
  • Power Plus operates a fleet of over 500+ generators.
  • Sizes range from 20 kilowatts to 2 megawatts
  • Trailer units
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks for extended run times
  • Complete stock of cable and connection equipment.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • We also sell and can install new and used generators and associated equipment.
  • Our Services
  • Full turn-key generator rental services
  • Comprehensive project/site analysis to properly size the generator and determine connection requirements
  • Delivery & pick-up anywhere in US
  • Large team of qualified technicians to perform electrical connections
  • Fueling and management services
  • On site generator servicing
  • Consolidated invoicing with all services and rental fees included.
Need a Generator for Power Outage?
Emergency Power? Construction Power?

Power Plus! will meet all your commercial generator needs – from a 480 volt generator… to everything you might need between 20kW to 2MW generators for rent. We offer trailer mounted generators and high capacity units. You can also rely on us for complete fueling service, auxiliary fuel tanks, and electrical cable and distribution systems and equipment. We have certified electricians to ensure connections are made safely and reliably.

Plug in to Power Plus and let us deliver the power!

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